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The coolest truck accessories!

Are you one of our dealers?

Are you one of our dealers? Or maybe you want to become one. Well you found the page that you need to get you started. We offer discounts to our dealers that are selling our products which enable them to sell at the same prices that we do. We support our dealers, we don't compete with them!

Why you would want to be a dealer.

We are known for having the best access and knowledge to several different product lines that we like to call our "Call Us First For" lines. The include Lifting and Lowering Suspension, Custom Hoods, Grills and Roll Pans, Custom Lighting and LED Lighting Products and our "Odd and Unusual" line which consists of everything from Escalade Conversions to Lambo Style Doors to anything else you can imagine.

Odd & Unusual? What's That?

Have you ever had a customer request a product that you didn't have a source for? Or didn't have the time to check around and see if you could actually get it? Or maybe you didn't even know what they were talking about? Well, that's were we come in. We deal with nearly every automotive aftermarket company in existence. And if we don't deal with them we'll find them and get a quote for you and your customer and save you the time of sourcing the parts

What you need to qualify to be a dealer.

Well, you need to be a re-seller of automotive aftermarket parts. And re-seller mean that putting the parts on your own vehicle or a buddies truck doesn't count. You must have a physical retail store location. You also need to have a business license from your local governing agency and generally some presence on the internet. That does not mean you even need to have a website, it just means that if we Google your company name or phone number that the results that come back are for a business.

We don't compete with our dealers. We offer competitive dealer discounts to qualified customers

Our dealer site
Our new dealer site features online ordering with no hassle. Click here to access it with your user name and password.

Dealer Entrance

Who can be a dealer?
You must be a re-seller of parts in order to qualify as a dealer.