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The coolest truck accessories!

Retail Customers

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Hot Lighting Products

MotorcycleWe ALWAYS have the latest, coolest lighting products. From replacement headlights and taillights to LED bulbs and auxilary lighting.

We stock lighting upgrades from Recon Accessories, CG Distribution, Spec D Tuning and also import under the SBx Parts brand. We are the leaders in importing the newest upcoming trends in the lighting market. Why bother with the competition when they are only selling what we introduced two years ago.

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Great Body Enhancements

Your truck is your statement. It might be your office, it might be your weekend toy, or it might be your daily driver, but what you do to it makes a statement about what you like.

No matter if it's a custom hood, a replacement grill, or full colour-match treatment, state what you like as you drive down the streets or through the trails.

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Cool Suspension Parts

Your lifestyle determines your ride hieght needs. If you work in the construction or oilfield industries an increase in ride height can make the difference between making it back for supper or laying in a snowbank with a shovel under your truck. But if your day consists of slightly less rugged conditions, maybe a couple of inches lower would make your friends and family more comfortable getting in and out of your ride. Either way, we can help you out.

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Quality Installations


No matter if it's a suspension lift or a set of headlights, we have the installation experience that sets us apart from the crowd. With over 50 combined years of technical knowlegde we can solve the problems that others can't and provide quick convienient installations.

We offer expertise in wiring and electrical solutions for installing custom products on late-model vehicles and the mechanical skills to install the products that we sell

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Did you know that we have our own line of LED light bars? SBx Parts LED light bars offer three year warranty at great pricing. Click here for more details.

We stock a huge selection of Recon Lighting products and offer the best pricing this side of the border. Head over to gorecon.ca to check it all out.

Do you shop online on US sites? If you do, we can save you a lot of money and headaches. If we are not already cheaper we can usually price-match deals you find on our USA competitors. Give us a call or drop an email.