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What we install


We install everything from chrome accessories to Lambo Style Doors. Our shop staff has the expertise to tackle pretty much anything that you can throw at them from lift kits to 5th wheel hitches. We specialize in custom wiring projects and we design and manufacture several of the LED and HID interface harnesses that we sell. We offer a reasonable labour rate to make your project affordable. Feel free to give us a call for a quote.


What we don't do

The first thing to mention are the things that we used to offer but we no longer do. We no longer spray in box liners, we no longer install paint protection film, striping or graphics. We used to do window tinting but we also do not do that any longer either. We don't do body work although if you are looking for parts replacement such as having a hood or roll pan installed we would be happy to do that for you. Although we have two licensed mechanics we don't do repairs unless they are related to or required during the installation of a part that we are installing. EG, we are doing a lift kit and your truck needs ball joints replaced, we will be happy to do it, but if you just need ball joints replaced we would refer you elsewhere.